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Why did I buy a boat!?! lol

Fished for half day 2 weeks ago. Experienced a power outage so had to uncover the motor to the boat lift and manually spin the fly wheel (for about 15 minutes) to lower the boat. Buzzed over to Sandusky boat ramp, bought frozen minnows (no live bait at the time) and then out to west of Kelleys island. Caught 31 perch between 2 of us in about 5 hours so slow bite. Perch were small with many throw-backs.

Power was still out when returning to the dock so we had to manually spin the fly wheel for about 45 minutes this time to lift the boat about 4 feet (going up with the boat weight takes a lot more time and energy than going down!).

Decided to drop a line off the dock once the boat was stowed (back bay in Sandusky). We have had much past success catching perch there in only 4′ of water. Caught this nice 12″ perch and a handful of others in the late afternoon.

Went out a week later without much success. The boat lift cable broke this next time so went out to Home Depot, purchased new cable, eyelet and U-clamps, and repaired the lift in a few hours. Fished off the dock that night and pulled in enough perch for a few sandwiches.

No complaints here, just have to laugh. LOVE being on the water. LOVE smallmouth fishing off Kelleys in the spring, walleye fishing the reefs, and bobbing around perch fishing with a view of Perry’s Monument. But I seriously have to consciously commit to forgetting about the fuel costs, the repair costs/time and the regular maintenance entailed with owning a boat when I’d likely be better served dropping a line in 4′ of water, lol! My wife often reminds me the cost of perch per pound at Kroger’s vs my personal cost of perch per pound….. but I wouldn’t change a thing….

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