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Boat in! Finally fishing and live streaming

On my way up to the Lake to finally get the powerboat and sailboat launched. Only 3 months late.

Once I get the boats launched and settled in, I will finally begin my underwater video project. Hope to get all kinds of interesting video of walleye, yellow perch, and all the rest. Will probably start on Saturday over around Green Island / east side of Camp Perry range where the perch fishing has been hot. Try to find out what those perch are doing. If any storms don’t drive we off the Lake. Should also be live streaming from the boat, so I’ll be updating where I am and what I’m catching (fish while the cameras are deployed). Will probably live stream from the sailboat tomorrow afternoon bringing it from Port Clinton to West Harbor, unless I postpone the trip until Saturday.

You can find me on the website, on the fishing report page, at the bottom. I should have a new dedicated page for the live video once I get some time to put it on the website.

Also, if anyone would like to go out, let me know. My list of fishing buddies has become real short due to move aways, deaths, and some just not going any more. Send me a PM.

Won’t be back to view anything on here until probably Sunday evening (unless I come back early).

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