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Fishing with Jeff, Andy, and Eric… 7/25/2023

Jeff, his son Andy, and their friend, Eric, met me at the Best Western Hotel at 4:30AM. We hit the gas station for gas and ice, before heading back over to Vermilion to launch. Being a Tuesday, I figured the ramp wouldn’t be as busy as it was on Saturday morning, at 5:30AM. I was right, we were the only ones at the launch at 5:15, so launching was a breeze.

Wait…wait…wait….let me tell you how my morning started.

As many of you know, my dog Alfie was supposed to have his balls….sorry, he was supposed to be neutered, this morning. And, like a dumbass, I did my normal routine, where I give him, and Dexter, a milk bone or two, while I sip my coffee, out on the back deck.
It was only after he ate them, that I remembered his appointment. They are not allowed any food from midnight, the night before. They had to reschedule him to the end of September, because that’s the soonest date open.

I’m sure he’s the happiest of boys now, even though he had no idea what was about to happen to him.
He’s also wearing a cone, for a flea problem he had, that has been dealt with, and just needs some healing time. So, with all that going on….I’m glad he didn’t have to endure that, too.

Walk out the door to go fishing….leave my pup behind with a big cone on his head, and a dog door he can’t get through. I take a deep breath, and just keep going. I have to go fishing… I have customers waiting.

Back to Vermilion….:)

We launched at 5:15, and headed out of the river, in the dark. A couple of boats, from up river, idled past the dock we were sitting at, as we waited on Jeff, who was parking the truck and trailer.

We followed them out of the river, but both of them went west, at the break wall…we turned east. Off we went, to the ENE (about a 1/2 ride), and back to where I was the last time over there. There were still fish out there, but not in the numbers that were there this past Saturday.

I had a novice crew today. They mainly shore fish, but have gone on charters in the ocean, and fished by kayak. So, this was a learning trip for them. “I’ve always wanted to fish Lake Erie, so my wife found your website, and said, “Why don’t you call her?”, so I did,” Jeff said. So, I’d like to thank Jeff’s wife, for the referral. 🙂

I explained, how the dipsey is designed to dive, by securing the “mechanism”, as I call it, and will rise when the mechanism is released. I explained that it always needs to go out with the “clicker” on (tension button), so it doesn’t go down too fast.

And, when checking a dipsey, that hasn’t been tripped, but the line angle has changed…the mechanism will need to be triggered. I tell them, they will have to pout their “Thumb on the spool, and give it a quick flick of the wrist…with some,
“Umph! You’ll feel it release,” I say. I continue, “A fish will drag for a long time, unless you check it every 5 minutes…so, we’ll be checking them a lot.”

Andy learned quickly, and was very helpful in checking and setting lines. So, he got promoted to “Honorary First Mate”, for the day.

We had two dipsies off each corner. The inside rod was running at zero and set at 40 back on the port side, and at 51 on the starboard side.

The outside rods, ran dipsies on the three setting at 70 and 80 back, to start.

Yeck, and BadMo Arrow spoons started the morning off. I just used the same colors that worked out there the last time. They were still working.

We changed up colors, now and then, and would get hit on those too, so I don’t think color mattered much. Other than the Sheephead really like pinks.

We went through a lot of shorts, Sheephead, White Bass, and White Perch to get our 19 keeper walleye. The size of fish was all over the place. From this year’s hatch, to 24 inches.

Bandits ran behind Off Shore boards on both sides of the boat. The port side ran Chrome Barbie, Pooh Bear, and Blue Shiner…105, 85, and 65, respectively.

Perch, Glare, and Blue Shiner ran on the starboard side at 120, 97, and 70, respectively.

We had some tangles this morning, like I’ve never seen, and the biggest one was my mistake. The line was so twisted….I knew exactly what happened.
When I was letting a Bandit out, and went to put the board on the line, I didn’t feel the pull, that I would normally feel….and, I looked out there, to see if it was on the surface with the line around the hook…just twisting away. But, I didn’t see it. I tugged one more time, and it felt like it was pulling, so I put the board on, and sent it out to the outside position. I had a nagging feeling I made a mistake, that would cost me, but I left it out there. Big mistake. lol

Needless to say, my suspicions were right…I should have brought it back in, and checked it. But, I didn’t…I was busy. Oops! So, let that be a lesson to all of you…if you suspect something, it’s better to check, than deal with the consequences of the wrong decision.

My crew had a good time, and were happy with the morning, so that makes me happy!

I’m not scheduled for the rest of the week…and, later next week, my friend, Jen, and I, are headed for Meta Lake Lodge in Ontario, for a little fishing vacation of our own. Her husband Matt is going to watch the dogs for us, while we are away. I can’t wait to get up there, and fish for Pike. It’s a magical place. 🙂

Stay tuned…

Capt Juls

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