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Conquest June 17

Another beautiful and bountiful day was initiated with a 7 am stop in a West Harbor Marina for a backup pair of sunglasses to replace originals left at dock. A smooth 25-minute cruse to the border between the Islands and two large Dipseys set on two armed with “MadMo Roy G Biv” down 45-65, two boarded jet 40s loaded with Stingers 35-65 and two in line Bandits 75-90 were deployed at 2.2-2.8 mph. A five-hour troll produced 9 keepers, two nice eyes dropped, some junk and one new inline board. A quick call reunited the grateful owner with his tool. Captains’ intuition prompted a lunch on the move to find muddy waters off Kelly Island state park which pushed us to Kelly Island shoal yielding cleaner water and fisherman. Systems duplicated found feeding fish and several tight circles rounded up the remainder of a 4 man limit at the N W point of the shoal in 20-25 fow. Blessed, we all felt returning the errant board brought good Karma. Best producer was the MadMo Roy spoons, gifted to the captain that morning because they share the same name, fallowed by blue chrome Bandits and distant last Stingers.

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