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Fishing Day 2 with Bill and Stan… June 19, 2023

Quick report…:)

Fishing Day 2 with Bill and Stan… June 19, 2023

Beautiful morning…and, no bugs! No big fish…just eaters. Ran the crawler harness program again, that we ran yesterday…15 keepers, and lost 4 more that didn’t stay hooked up well….and, one 8-9 pound catfish, 3 sheep, and 3 white perch.

Ran one dipsey on the zero setting, 30-35 back, with a Scirpion spoon, for a little while…it only caught itty-bitties, so I removed it.

Speed was 1.7mph on the Fish Hawk.

My crew enjoyed the morning, and are headed back to Iowa with fun memories and some fish for their fish fries.

I might have made a bad call for my next two days with my MN crew. We will see. Yesterday, and for several days prior, they were calling for more ENE wind, gusting to 23, so I told them to stay home. They are rescheduling. But, I see it’s changed now….of course! (Insert eye-roll here).

Back at it Thursday…
Stay tuned….

Capt Juls

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