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Fishing with Marc and Norm….5/5/2024

Got up at 2AM, and headed out to the back deck with Alfie, and a cup of coffee. The air was thick with moisture, due to a system that rolled through overnight, but the rain was done for the day. The wind forecast was looking fantastic, which meant the lake would be relatively flat, and we would be able to get from point A to point B, with ease. I was able to spend some quiet quality time with the pup, before heading out at 5:15.

I told “Stanny” (Marc) and Norm, that I would meet them at 5:40, but showed up early as usual…but, they were ready, so we hit the road. Off to the gas station first, for ice and snacks, then to Hi Way Bait to get some crawlers. I wanted to have the option available to me, if we needed it. If not, I would just give the crawlers to them, so they had the option, too. (They are here all week, using Stanny’s boat).

We launched from Catawba at 6:20, and headed north. The ride out was nice, because we could go fast, and not get beat up. The fog hadn’t rolled in yet, either.
I did have a mishap on the ride out, though, that cost me some money. I turned my head to see the sunrise, and forgot my favorite pair of Costa sunglasses were sitting on the visor of my hat…and, the wind got them. They flew off, and into the lake, never to be seen again…deep sigh.

I drove the Vexus up to where I was last time out, and although the fish marks were less, there were still scattered fish showing on the electronics. Reining her in, I set down over 30-31 feet of water, and deployed the FishHawk. The Terrova and baby Merc were dialed in to a speed of 2.0, and set on a NW course.

Bandits, behind Off Shore boards, ran on both sides. Leads were 120. 100, 80, and 60 on both sides, too.

Colors that caught in this first spot were:
(2) Barbie (I THINK it’s a Domka Outdoors Custom)
Blue Chrome (stock color)
Greasy Chicken Wing (Slim Shady Customs)

We ran one dipsey (size 1 w/ring) on the port side, with a Yeck Spoon in the “Confusion” color, and caught a nice eater….but, that was it for the spoon up there.

At 9:30 I decided it was time to move. The fog was getting really think in that area, and it was hard to see more than 50 yards, so we moved down inside, by the cans. It was less foggy there, and the water color was a little muddier, too. There were plenty of fish marks, so we set up over 18 feet of water, and headed east on our trolling pass.

Bandits at 80, 60, 50, and 45 caught fish.
I had one Blue and White Jointed DHJ12 out at 65 back, and it took a bigger fish, so we put another out, and it caught a fish, too. I eventually had three out, and set one at 85 back, which also caught a nice fish.

Speed was 1.9-2.2mph. Water temp was 58

We caught one shy of our three-person limit, this morning, but it was still a fun day on the water with those two, and they both agreed….and, that makes me happy! 🙂

I have the next two days off, due to a cancellation (customer’s bad knee), so my next scheduled trip is Wednesday, with my neighbor’s…a birthday present from Danielle to her husband Dave, so that should be a lot of fun, too. 🙂

Stay tuned….

Capt Juls

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