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Jigging 5/4

Wife and I and a friend were out for some fun time yesterday. We started close to K can but nothing but white perch. Took a boat ride to try to find some fish. Found some decent marks around locust reef so we set up for a drift and picked up a couple on the southwest corner of the reef. We drifted off the reef so picked up and headed back to the center of the reef and started over. We picked at them for the next three hours and ended up with 12 decent fish. All were on white with purple 5/8 ounce jigs. Early it was a little too windy for best fishing but the wind died a little.

Most of the fish were on the shoulder of the reef or just a little deeper. 11 to 16 feet deep. I probably should have tried a darker color jig just to see if it would matter. Lately it has been the lighter colored jigs.

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