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Fri-26 last day to fish

Friday was supposed to have winds 10-15 MPH but was our last day to fish on this trip so decided to give it a go. Launched at Catawba and headed for south bass island to use it as a wind breaker. Fished west of south bass out of the wind and caught 1 keeper and 3-4 goats. Decided to troll over to west side of green island. A lot of boats over here, guess they are trying to stay out of wind like us. Caught one west of green island but then had line tangle issue. Decided to troll with the wind. Trolled with wind till we got down to military zone then decided to turn west, fight the waves and head towards D can. Got to D can and started getting bites. My 2 companions had to handle all the fish catching and netting details because I constantly had to fight the waves and handle boat control. We trolled back and forth between D can and Niagra reef. Fished most of the day but did manage to get our limit by the end of the day. I finally got to reel in a couple towards the end of the day when we ended up getting a triple on. We trolled bandits and flicker minnows anywhere from 90 to 140 back. The colors that caught most of the fish were fire tiger and black headed wonder bread.

We were here for 5 days and were able to fish 3 1/2 days catching our limit on every day but the first day which was a half day. We had a fun and successful trip, but it would not have been successful with out the information and friends I made off of this forum. You guys really helped make this trip successful. I plan on coming back again and when I do, I will use this site to help me know where to go and I will post my results to help others like me. I appreciate everyone that helped me make this a successful first trip. Keep up the good work.

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