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West of the islands 5/30/23

We sat out the weekend but kept reading reports on this site and others. Decided to go west this morning based on that reporting. Ended up working an area 4 miles west of South bass 31-33 ft of water. Hooked up 20 plus walleye in 4 hours keeping our 2 person limit. All fish in the 20 inch range. 5 undersize throwbacks and one 20 inch released when pulling in our gear. Lost 4 keepers bringing them in. Lots of marks on the graph. What worked for us today:

6 Rods:

– 2 offshore boards pulling a purple bandit and a perch SPRO at 80 back.
– Dipseys with perch and purple spoons. 0 setting 32 back. 2 setting 41 back.
– 40 jet diver 55 back.
– 2-2.2 mph

lots of frickin bugs but otherwise a beautiful day on lake. Fished 920am to 130 pm. Would have been done by 1130 if not for throwbacks and lost fish.


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