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Friday and Saturday

Got on later than we wanted friday due to being stuck at a train track for nearly 2 hours adding to an already 4 hour drive. Put on at mazurik around 10 am. Head to the east side of kellys to the airport amd ran east to 33 foot. The graph was loaded!!! We made our 6 rod spread and picked up a 26 incher immediately. Then nothing forever. We tried everything. I made a move west around the islands. I seen juls loading up. Didn’t know if she was moving or was done so i kept moving and ended up on the south end of bass riggt tight to starve island where we found an super active pod. 5 passes we caught 15 eyes keeping 11 from 22 to 26 inches long.
It was so nice to have conditions to run everywhere fast. Bandits out performed and whites were best for us 75 back.
Saturday on a tip we ran to b can from wildwings. We had a eye on before the first board settled in. We had a load of misses and several lost fish and was stuck at 10 fish forever. The fish seemed to be tied to the b can as we had to keep circling it in order to catch fish. A buddy called and said he found a scho of monsters and had several over 30. So we made a run nearly to the port clinton shorline to the east side of the impact area. We got one 26 there and the sun got hot, and we needed lunch! With weather coming for Sunday we decided not to try to get in a trip ahead of storm or more so to drive home in the pending winds and rain. Saturday bandits again were best but leads from 40 to 60 back.
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