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Three days at Turtle Point

We arrived Thursday evening, we had time to go out for a couple of hours so we jigged in front of besse I caught one and my grandson caught one. We started early Friday and jigged in the same area with no luck. We went in for lunch and my wife stayed at camp so it was myself, grandson 11, and my granddaughter 15 she doesn’t like to fish but loves being on the water. Again we caught nothing, my grandson caught a huge drum and it he had a blast getting it in. We went back to camp built a fire and was enjoying the evening, our neighbor came over and told about a spot west of A can that his four person group limited out at. He said sleep in because they had nothing until 9:00 a.m. So we sat on the deck and watch the hundreds of boats go by. We ate and headed out around 7:30. This was the first time we set up to troll, my wife drove the boat and I set the rods we had a variety of color bandits out we set port side at 65, 55, 35 the other side was 60, 50, 40 she held the speed at 2-2.4 and we got our first one at 65 on blue chrome I got it in and had another one on blue chrome at 50 back. I put three blue chrome and one solid chrome, one purple and one orange. blue chrome was on fire, we got one on the orange nothing on purple we ended at 12:30 and had 14 large ones in the boat. we went in ate lunch and stretched out for a while. We headed back to the same spot around 4:30 and set up the same way, we caught another 7 and it started to rain so we called it a day at 7:00, we had a few 28″ and a lot of 26″ers. My grandson was netting one and the handle on the net broke I rapidly grabbed the end of the net and get the fish in the boat. we ended up with a total of 23 fish lost several and have a short net lol. It was a great weekend and I am looking forward to going out with Juls next month to learn more about trolling. My grand children have some great memories to look back on, we had a lot of laughs.
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