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Huron, November 2-3

We fished Wednesday and Thursday out of Huron with good success. Beautiful weather obviously helps. We motored straight out to 38 fow both days and set up when we began to mark fish on the Helix. Thanks to information in Captain Juls reports, we fished bandits unassisted at 120 and 110 with the inside bandit down 40/40. All depths caught fish. We had the most success using bandits that were predominantly white. Black headed wonder bread, sea sick frog, ivory with red eyes were the best. We had two man limits by about 1130am. We launched about 7am and avoided most of the traffic at the ramp. Fish were not that concentrated and we caught a nice grade of fish both days, averaging 20-22″ and about 3-5 lbs. Great way to finish the season. Have reservations at Little Ted’s in the spring to start again. Great resource to have access too.
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