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Lorain 3/2

We left out of Lorain at 730 and headed NW to about 48 ft of water. Set up the terrova and headed northwest at 1.1 to 1.5 on the finder. We ran bandits 120 unassisted,50/40 w/2 oz snaps,and 50/30 w/2 oz snaps on the left. On the right, we ran 110 unassisted,50/35 w/2 oz snaps, and 50/25 w/2 oz snaps. The morning started off quick when our middle board went off and we netted a nice 25″ male. Shortly after that both unassisted lines produced quality fish as well. Most of our bigger fish came on the unassisted rods. Had a two man limit in about 2.5 hours. Orange crush and taco salad were our winning colors today.
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