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Fishing Day 2 with Eric Vogel 3/3/2024

Woke up early, and did the usual morning routine, before heading to the building where my boat is staying warm and dry, to pick her up.

Eric was on his second day of fishing with me, and was right on time, when I picked him up at 6AM. We hit the gas station for ice, and off we went to Mazurik’s.

We launched at 6:30… and, while I waited for Eric to park the truck, the morning darkness was lifting, allowing me to see that the sky was full of clouds. I was hopeful, that after two days of cloud coverage at night, that the fish would be hungry, and biting, this morning. The air temp was 46 degrees. The wind forecast was for less than 10mph out of the south.

We took a right turn outside the break wall, and headed east. We started where we left off yesterday, and the Helix was still showing good marks, but they were really low to the bottom, as compared to yesterday.
We decided to give it a go, so the Terrova and the baby Merc were deployed and set to work together at a speed of 1.7-1.8 mph SOG (FishHawk was showing 1.3-1.4mph).

Eric ran the Bandits that were working yesterday, behind Off Shore boards at 70, 60, and 50 back, unassisted, and I ran some P-10s with 2oz snap weights at 45/45, 35/35, and 25/25.
(For those new to snap weights and are reading this for the first time, the numbers mean that you let out 45 feet of line and attach the snap weight…then, let out another 45 feet of line (total 90), and attach the planer board.)

We caught 4 nice eaters in that area, but it was slower than yesterday. Capt Bobby Greene told me that he had good marks where he was (4 miles from me…sorry, it wasn’t my spot, so I can’t give that up), so we picked up, and made the move over.

We picked a few, and figured out that the Green Clown P-10 at 35/35 was something they wanted, so I loaded up all three rods on my side with them, and we caught 5 on that color. Eric’s side was slow, so I dug out more P-10s and gave him a Chrome Marvin, Chrome Perch, and Blue Chrome. The Chrome Marvin and the Perch caught 3 more. We were done at 9:45.

Water temp was 36.6 degrees over 37-38 feet of water today.

We headed in after we caught our limits, so Eric could get an early start back to Nebraska. He said he had a great time and learned a lot, so that makes me happy!

Saturday, I’ll be at the Huron Fishing Expo, along with a couple other Capts, doing a Q&A panel at 1pm, so if you’re not doing anything Saturday…come on out! 🙂

I’m off until next Sunday and Monday, if Mother Nature lets us get out after them again. Fingers crossed!

Stay tuned….

Capt Juls

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