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Lorain 4/9

Launched out of hot waters in Lorain around 330pm. Started out NE to 42 ft of water. Trolling bandits on one side at 110 back unassisted,50/25 w/2 oz snap,and 50/35 w/2 oz snap. On the other side, we went 130 back unassisted, 50/30 w/2 oz snap, and 50/40 w/2 oz snap. Caught 1 fish in 90 min. Pulled up lines and ventured out to 55 ft of water trusting the weather would hold up. Ran the same program out there and got 10 fish in an hour. We did not catch any fish on unassisted rods. Wound up with a two man limit. Best colors for us were electric zebra,orange crush, and sunspot. We were fortunate the weather cooperated as we could see the storms to the west. Another great afternoon of fishing on the lake.
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