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March 03/04 Gale wind direction change effect

Here’s an add-on to the first Gale post.

Below is the wind direction and speed from last night (Marblehead Station). The wind direction changed 90 degrees+, from NE to NW, in four hours, and it’s speed was the same. Around 30 knots from the NE to 30 knots from the NW. In 4 hours. The transition took about 2 1/2 hours.

Imagine what that did to the Lake currents, all through the water column. The Lake water is close to the same temperature right now, so there is little barrier to the water mixing and moving. The entire Western Basin, and the nearshore areas of the south shore of the Central Basin, will probably take a minimum of a week to really start to recover from this. A lot depends on the winds over the next week. The only thing that is certain is the fishing for the near term is probably going to be… well you can come up with your favorite word for “bad to terrible”.

03/03 6:00 pm Wind Direction NE Wind Speed Knots 29.9 Gusts 42.0
03/03 9:36 pm Wind Direction ENE Wind Speed Knots 11.1 Gusts 20.0
03/03 9:42 pm Wind Direction NE Wind Speed Knots 12.0 Gusts 17.1
03/03 9:48 pm Wind Direction N Wind Speed Knots 14.0 Gusts 24.1
03/03 9:54 pm Wind Direction NW Wind Speed Knots 18.1 Gusts 25.1
03/03 10:00 pm Wind Direction NNW Wind Speed Knots 20.0 Gusts 24.1
03/04 12:00 am Wind Direction NW Wind Speed Knots 28.0 Gusts 33.0

The wind speed started to really drop around 6am this morning. As of 8:30 this morning it was 8 knots from the WNW.

Add to this all the rain runnoff coming in from the rivers, and it looks to be a mess for quite awhile.


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