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May 24- Survived the winds

Wind is supposed to get nasty today but early morning was nice and calm. Got on the water around 7am. Started trolling cranks by A can and headed towards Niagra reef. Trolled all the way to Niagra reef picking up fish here and there. By the time we turned around at the reef, winds were starting to pick up. Got turned around and trolling with the wind now. Wind keeps getting stronger and harder to control boat. We capitalized early but still needed 6 more to limit out. Waves getting bigger and starting to get harry out here but still trying to get our limit. Finally got our 18 at 1230. Pulled cranks over 25-30 FOW 14-20 ft down. The darker colors were working due to the muddier water. Also caught 3 on a spoon with 3oz snap weight 40ft back. Once we got our limit we hurried to get everything brought in, so we could get the heck out of there. Waves were probably 6-8 ft high and wind hadn’t hit peek yet. It was kind of harry in my 18ft Lund but the boat handled it like at champ. Took a while to get back to ramp, but made it safely. Supposed to be just as windy tomorrow all day. Think we’ll stay in and rest up so we can try on Friday.
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