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5/29 report

I was supposed to be off until after the holiday. But 3 nice guys were up in their boat and were strugling to catch fish. So Captain Christy committed us to take them out to catch some fish and show them our techniques so they could fish on their own.

We went out around noon to an area off Taco Bell where we had been catching before the blow. There were still fish there but not in the numbers from before, but we kept circling through the pod and ended up with a full box. We set up inline boards on the port, a large board starboard, and set up 2 downriggers. We ran Reapers stbd. and Bandits port, and spoons, a Stinger on one rigor and a scorpion on the other. The scorpion kept catching small fish so we changed it for another Stinger. Remember the goal was to show them different techniques. All caught multiple fish. We ended up with 35 keepers of which we kept 30 (5 person limit). Most were in the low 20 ish range but we had a 27 3/4 just missing a fish Ohio. Also maybe 10 shorts, mostly on the spoons. 3 sheepsheads, 2 big.

Water was low 60s top and bottom on the fish hawk witch is blue toothed to both Solix’s and to the optima down rigors. The fish hawk is the heart of our trolling network. Best speed was 2.0 mph once again on hawk.

Best colors on Bandits was Blue Chartreus, Nascar, and Gold Perch. Best color on reaper was Fire Tiger and Humble Bee (I don’t know their real names but that is my best description). Best Stinger colors were Perch and Nascar. Bandits caught from 70 to 100 back unassisted, reapers were 90 back unassisted on big board, Stingers were oscillating from 20 to 25 and 30 to 35, most fish came at 25.

Our Tuesday and Wednesday had to reschedule so hopefully I’ll have some time to give Fishing Tiger some TLC before the Thursday-Sunday trips.

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