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Perch West of Kelleys and off Marblehead – 8/13

Perched west of Kelleys Island Sunday in 24 FOW. Arrived around 7:30am and settled in a bit away from 2 other boats (close enough to see if they were pulling in fish). By 9:30, the pack had grown to about 30 boats. Slow but steady fishing throughout the morning. Very light bite and many lost minnows (frozen and fresh shiner/goldy mix). ‘Only’ 31 fish between 2 of us but I’ll still take it over recent years.

Saw a large pack of boats off Marblehead on the way back in to Sandusky. One of the cleaners at the fish house said that business has been great for the past 6 weeks and that there have been many customers coming in with their limit off Marblehead. G-Can and Green Island are a bit of a hike out of Sandusky but Marblehead and off Kelleys Island appear to be good locations for those launching east of Port Clinton area.

Hope this helps.

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