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Finally made it out for some perch and had a great time getting “back in the saddle”. Had been out a handful of times in the previous 2 years with very little to show and was gettin worried about the state of perch’n in the western basin!

Went out of E Harbor and planned to hit G can since thats all the hot reports I had heard this week. Stopped to fish in a pack straight off E Harbor about a mile and never left. They were never hot and heavy but picked through enough to make it worthwhile! Ended up with 22 and would have had about 40 if my cousin could set the hook. Also didnt get out on the water until about 10am so I am sure we would have done a little better if we had gotten at it earlier. Best bite was between about 1-4 pm.

Emeralds on splitters and veeeery light bite. Maybe would feel a tap tap and would have to lift the rod to “load” the bite and then set when it felt like he was still there.

Really glad to see that the perch fishing is back to being consistent! Hoping to make it out again with the family but our 2 year old only likes catching, not fishing ;);).

Tight lines all!!

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