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Walleye S E of Kelly’s

Caught 3 nice keepers all males biggest was 25″ thought for sure it was a female big old belly on it but no eggs. First time I’ve ever fished with big boards still have a lot to learn. Speed was 2.5 mph. Trolling East with the wind to my back. I believe I would have caught more than three but for some reason my rubber bands didn’t break size 16 not sure what that was about. Could have been dragging those fish for a couple hours. couldn’t quite figure out why I wasn’t catching anything there were lots of marks a commercial boat out there was tossing some pretty nice size walleye into their live well. Not sure if there was too much slack in my main line that the rubber bands were attached to. shouldn’t that line be firm and tight. Hope to have it figured out by spring. Last day tomorrow hope to get some jumbo perch I’ll let you know how that goes planning on fishing over by Marblehead lighthouse or somewhere around lakeside. If anybody does have any tips about how to make that main line tighter that would be great.
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