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Draggin’ the Line with John on the Wheel

Was initially going to stay home this memorial day weekend,but John text me his daughter wanted to go out fishing.Was not optimistic with the NE blow followed by continuous East wind but, told John if he got Lauren a one day Canadian license I would join them.So got up early yesterday May 28th and we made the run north to the west side of Pelee.Was going to start at some old icons I had on an ancient hand held GPS,but those were gone.
Set lines around 7 and had about 4 foot of visibility.Set out a bandit and flicker #11 on inline boards,two harnesses/tadpoles on inside boards and spoons harness on two dipseys.Got 5 eater walleye and a 3 & 4lb bass on the cranks and dipseys in the first hour.But John commented that he thought we would be catching bigger fish in Canada.I said could try the East side of the island but after those NE waves hitting that side of island may be not productive.So we made the short run to the East side.Not another boat in sight and around 18″ visibility.Took off the harnesses for cranks.About a half hour in without a fish, John commented that we had to be back by noon for other family commitments.Im like….what? I would not have left catching fish if we didn’t have time to find fish in other side.We did snag one eater,but after an hour went back to the west side.We fished at noon and ended with 17/42lbs with biggest 25″. Program that we finished with was 2.0-2.2 mph with dipsey@3 setting at 35 lead with a white spoon harness.Cranks caught from 45-80.Taco salad at 80 caught well again and a custom with mostly gold with some orange and silver in it got hot at 60 lead near the end.Flicker blue chrome caught some too.Had a pack of around 40 casters nearby but we trolled outside their pack.
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